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Parent Testimonials

“Webber provides an outstanding education”

“The pastoral care the school offers is fantastic” 

“Whilst very focussed on academic achievement, the children’s welfare has always been a key consideration of the staff”

“Clear targets are set, and important study skills are taught and regularly reinforced”

“As parents, we have loved watching our son flourish through his involvement in numerous extra-curricular activities, sporting and charity events”

“The children have such a strong sense of pride and belonging to the school” 

“The children share and celebrate each other’s successes as much as their own”

“The school provides the support and encouragement to push the boundaries of each individual’s education, achieving excellent results”

“Of equal importance is the development of confident, well rounded, happy individuals who have an excellent foundation on which to build throughout their education and career”

“We have never doubted the value of the investment we have made in our son’s education, and we can’t recommend Webber School highly enough to anyone.”

"The quality of the school is evidenced in its excellent results....Webber somehow manages to provide highly personalised, individual and tailored support across all of your child's spectrum of capabilities and preferences, using a three way triangle between parents, child and school.  Children have the best possible chance of maximising their achievements, and being happy whilst they are doing it". 

"We are very pleased and proud of what our daughter has achieved at school and all credit to the school for helping her to become a confident and happy young woman who is looking forward to lots of new challenges in life and is actually looking forward to getting her results!! She came to the School at the start of Year 7 as a painfully shy young girl who could not make eye contact with teachers or adults other than close family and friends. Some of her friends tease her because she didn't speak to them at first and just followed people around in the early days of Year 7. She is going out and about with her father at the moment and he said that she just strides up to strangers with confidence and speaks to them in business environments. The small classes, participation in all sports events and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award have all been fantastic for her."