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The importance of safety in the virtual world

11 February 2015

Internet Safety Day 2015 was supported by The Webber Independent School earlier this week (Tuesday 10th February)using ipads, laptops, mobile phones and more traditional desk tops to understand the importance of being safe.  Students of all ages listened to advice on how to use the internet safely and for advantageous reasons, but also how to avoid getting into trouble by oversharing information across the internet and how such actions can have a quick and far reaching negative effect.

The theme ‘Lets create a better internet together’ saw students make a pledge on what actions they would take to ensure safer online usage.  Year 7 student Liam Conroy pledged to ‘not lie about (my) age or communicate with people (I) do not know.’  Charlie De Gorter, 14 years old, pledged to ‘not click on anything that says “you’re our 100000000th user” or “win an ipad”’

Popular answers included blocking people from emails / social networking accounts who are being unkind or bullying towards an individual, as well as being alert to instances of trolling, friend requests from strangers and showing caution towards downloads which could be illegal or laced with a virus.

Principal Sue Vig said “The internet is now used so widely and so frequently, that it is vital our students understand the impact of how quickly information they share on the internet is circulated and the incredible distance it can travel.  We want our students to show maturity and confidence when using the internet and this requires them to be fully appreciative of its power both for good and bad.”