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Sixth Form – A Level

At The Webber Independent School we have an excellent record of A Level success with our students going on to their first choice university course in many instances.

The Sixth Form team understands the distinctive needs of students at this stage of learning and the importance of preparations for examinations, university entrance and employment.

Personalised guidance is on hand to facilitate the pathway post A Levels with a detailed programme of support. Our University Admissions Team has great expertise in coaching candidates through the UCAS process and supporting our students in crafting exceptional personal statements to make the most of their unique selling points.  This gives our students the ‘Webber Edge’.    The Admissions Team also arrange university visits, presentations from university admissions tutors, interview practice and feedback of development points and Oxbridge mock interview support.  Our UCAS applications and student references are submitted very promptly to ensure that our young people are some of the first in the country to receive their unconditional and conditional offers.  

We promote a ‘supported independence’ learning environment including pastoral support, academic mentoring and tracking, weekly one to one progress meetings and regular parent consultations. Parents also receive weekly contact from the Head of Sixth Form, updating them on their child’s progress.

Our students are our ambassadors throughout the school, with opportunities to develop their leadership skills in Head Student roles and Extra Curricular Clubs. Many of our students participate in Internships specifically relevant to their university course of choice which prove to be invaluable on their UCAS applications and at their university course interviews.  

Aside from our high academic standards and excellent results, the Sixth Form is about preparing our students for the future: becoming a well-rounded individuals with caring and enquiring minds. We want to instil in our Sixth Form students an ethos that will see them succeed not just at university but in life beyond.

Our Sixth Form is the perfect environment to make the transition from School to University, with the atmosphere and facilities you would expect in a Higher Education institution.  Few students will be studying the same combination of subjects, and there are many to choose from.  Student receive a personalised timetable, which also allows plenty of opportunity to pursue extra-curricular interests and to study independently in the Sixth Form Study Suite.  

Our Head Boy and Head Girl, along with the Sixth Form Executive are responsible for leading the Student Council and the House System, and meet with the Principal and Vice Principal on a weekly basis to discuss student involvement in Charity Fundraising and other student-led initiatives.

As School Ambassadors and role models our Sixth Form students wear grey business suits which distinguishes them from the rest of the school.  

Our students have access to the best academic tuition in very small tutorial groups which encourages them to develop their research, presentation, higher-order thinking, debating and study skills thus, preparing them for the rigours of university study.  In keeping with the university-style approach, students are issued with an iPad, which is theirs to keep whilst studying in Sixth Form and allows them to access academic journals and research, store their own study notes and maintain contact at all times with their supervising tutors.  

ISI Inspection notes 2012 States

Pupils become increasingly confident in their individual abilities as they move through the school, making good academic progress in relation to their starting points on entry.  This reflects the school’s aim of discovering and nurturing individual talents, as well as inspiring and supporting pupils in achieving the highest standards possible.  Pupils of all ages approach their work with clear enjoyment and commitment.

At all stages, and for all ages and abilities, the broad range and high quality of the educational experience provided by the school create an excellent learning environment and a curriculum that covers all the requisite areas of learning and more.

The flexible and stimulating curriculum enables all pupils to have a challenging and personalised approach to learning, which is founded by the extensive use of new technologies.

The excellent extra-curricular provision supports very effectively the school’s aim to inspire pupils through a range of cross-curricular opportunities, enabling them to succeed in sporting and non-academic pursuits.  A high degree of satisfaction with the opportunities available was expressed by the great majority of parents and pupils.

Small numbers of pupils enable teachers to know them well and planning is effective in meeting their needs.

Teachers’ good knowledge and understanding of their subjects are demonstrated in their enthusiastic and lively approaches.  Effective questioning is used to challenge pupils to consolidate as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Excellent relationships between teachers and pupils are apparent in the positive atmosphere for learning in almost all lessons.  A particular strength in teaching is the contribution it makes to pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Across the school, the quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent, in accordance with its aim to promote the values of respect, responsibility and effort.  By the time pupils leave the school, they are well prepared to meet the challenges of the next stage of their education.

Pupils’ spiritual development is excellent.  They hold a strong set of values and principles which inform their perspective on life and their behaviour.  Pupils are confident and show respect for themselves and for others.

The moral awareness of the pupils is extremely well developed.  Their excellent conduct demonstrates their deep respect for good behaviour.  Pupils enjoy the reward of their good behaviour, working hard to acquire enough merits to enable them to participate in the much coveted special outing arranged for the highest achievers.  They are aware of the needs of others beyond their school.  This is clear from the extensive involvement, often instigated by pupils, in a wide range of charitable ventures.

The pupils’ social development is excellent.  Pupils of all ages readily take on positions of responsibility.  In the sixth form, the role of prefect is taken very seriously; pupils have to submit an application and are interviewed.  Once appointed, their role in the leadership of the school is very active, ranging from being a member of the executive committee to giving up their personal time to support younger pupils.

The school employs effective methods to seek the views of the whole school community.  Pupils know their views are listened to and value the work of the newly developed school council, which they regard as an effective vehicle for initiating change.

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