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Academic success is central to the life of The Webber Independent School and this is a unifying feature of all the sections of the School.  Our students are able to access a broad, relevant and engaging curriculum, delivered by passionate, knowledgeable and committed teachers within a stimulating learning environment.

The education we provide at The Webber Independent School is second to none.  Our approach ensures that students achieve the academic results and personal qualities that are needed to become successful adults.

Below is a detailed table of Examination results gained at GCSE and A Level from 2010.









A Level

A*-E %









5+ A*-C %















We encourage our students as they progress through the stages of education, to develop not only their skills, but also their character, which will set them apart from their peers.  As they assimilate the knowledge and competencies required to thrive in the modern world, they are enabled to appreciate the legacy of those who have gone before them and become confident, considerate young adults and well-grounded citizens.

To ensure that our students make excellent progress towards their personal targets we have six academic reports per year, followed by Parent Teacher Consultations which allows a three way learning conversation to take place to set targets for the next half term.  

Each Form Class has two Form Tutors providing exceptional pastoral care and close academic tracking and monitoring.  Parents receive a personalised weekly email updating them of their child’s progress and any pastoral or academic points of note. 

We encourage our our young people to use technology and the internet effectively to enhance their studies, including the use of tablets, laptops and smart phones in lessons.  With this privilege comes responsibility and we also teach our young people to use the internet effectively and safely.   In addition to this, we have sophisticated monitoring software to ensure that our young people are safe online. 

Behaviour within the school is excellent and in the Senior School we use the 5P’s to remind our students of the Basic Expectations :-

  • Punctuality – to maximise the use of learning time
  • Preparation  – to ensure that they have completed their home learning tasks, have all the required equipment and are ready to engage fully in their learning
  • Presentation – to ensure that students uniform is neat at all times and that that students present their work to a very high standard
  • Performance – to encourage students to do their very best in everything that they do both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Proud – to be proud of being part of The Webber Independent School community and also to be proud of their own personal strengths and achievements

Our University Admissions Team have a wealth of experience in finding the right courses for the right students whether that be in the UK or further afield.  When our students leave us and go to university, they find themselves ideally placed to get the most out of their studies.

ISI Inspection 2012 States

At all stages, and for all ages and abilities, the broad range and high quality of the educational experience provided by the school create an excellent learning environment and a curriculum that covers all the requisite areas of learning and more.

Pupils’ personal development is excellent.  They appreciate the increasing opportunities to take responsibility and enjoy participating in the wealth of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtimes and after school  Their behaviour and relationships are a significant strength, and this results in a calm and purposeful learning atmosphere in lessons.  Pastoral care is of high quality across the school.  Pupils appreciate very much how the school supports them as individuals, and listens carefully to and resolves their personal concerns.

Pupils become increasingly confident in their individual abilities as they move through the school, making good academic progress in relation to their starting points on entry.  This reflects the school’s aim of discovering and nurturing individual talents, as well as inspiring and supporting pupils in achieving the highest standards possible.  Pupils of all ages approach their work with clear enjoyment and commitment.

The flexible and stimulating curriculum enables all pupils to have a challenging and personalised approach to learning, which is founded by the extensive use of new technologies.

Excellent relationships between teachers and pupils are apparent in the positive atmosphere for learning in almost all lessons.  A particular strength in teaching is the contribution it makes to pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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