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Art at The Webber Independent School

All students have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills throughout the 3-18 years curriculum. The Art department is aware of the individual student’s creative capabilities and take pride in helping students to build a portfolio of work that displays a diverse range of skills and techniques.

In Pre-Prep there is a continuous provision of art and design equipment that the children can access through free flow activities. The Prep school use art to enhance cross curricular based topics.

The creative working journey is developed in the Senior school through enhancing skills with two and three dimensional materials both in class and during extra-curricular activities. Students work is displayed in an evolving permanent gallery space and showcases success in regional and national Art competitions.

We encourage all students to express themselves creatively using a variety of materials to embrace both traditional and contemporary styles of visual art.

Music at The Webber Independent School

We believe that Music is for everyone and is an essential part of a child’s education. It stimulates the brain and helps in the development of the child as a whole; physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

A child’s musical education should start as early as possible. The voice is the ideal instrument because we all have one and it is free; indeed other instruments can be seen as an extension of our singing voice. Singing also engages the inner ear – perhaps the most important factor in the development of real musical ability. Therefore all Primary aged children sing regularly in both large and small groups each week.

The approach we use is child centred and we teach musicianship through singing initially, believing it should precede instrumental work. Students then progress to instrumental activities, making arrangements, composing their own music and learning notation as they go using a variety of classroom percussion instruments. Later they learn to use Keyboards, Ukuleles and Recorders in a variety of different class projects.

Our school choirs participate in the Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts. They also enjoy singing carols as part of a variety of school and community Christmas celebrations, entertaining local Senior Citizen groups in the local area. We take every opportunity offered to join other local singers in performances.

The wider benefits of learning an instrument on a child’s development and education as a whole are now widely accepted and we encourage children to take up an instrument.

Violin, Cello and Piano lessons are available from Year 1 upwards and Wind and Brass from Year 4 onwards, depending on size and ability to blow! The recorder is introduced in Year 3 which can provide a good start to learning a wind instrument.

All instrumentalists are encouraged to perform regularly. Our Flying Start, Going Solo informal concerts take place several times a term and provide a good introduction to performing in public as well as school celebrations and local Music Festivals.









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